b'ALTAPURE: WHAT WE CAN DONo-Touch High Level Disinfection Systems that permeate entire space.100% Kill of Viruses / Bacteria / Spores / Fungi / Scabies on ALL surfaces.Organic and Biodegradable: Ends Green with no residue.ALTAPURE: WHO WE ARE THE AP-4Altapure is an innovative technology and manufacturing company dedicated to providingAll-in-one unitultrasonic based products for high-level disinfection and sterilization. Total Room High Level 2014: Altapure 2018 HLDDisinfection2004: Altapure wins EdisonCabinet founded Gold Award prototypeEffective, Safe, Easy to use, and 2012: Launch of2017: Launch AP-4 2019: Successful HJ-30i testing against C.FastaurisAltapure 11'