b'Veteran Ownedled Sb maasiD lB le c ui v r e S n i ss s eC V EALTAPURE ADVANTAGESAchieves EPA definition of Disinfection with 100% Kill of all pathogens including spores, viruses, fungi and scabies.Fills entire space including bathroom, drawers, under bed, equipment etc. and effective on all surfaces including curtains regardless of distance.1.06% PAA: Biodegradable, Organic, and Green: Ends in water vapor and vinegar. FOOD SAFE, NON TOXICNo adverse effects to equipment in the room, monitors, computers, charts etc.Dishwasher effectOperated completely remotely from outside the room via easy to use tablet.Less than 50 min process from Entry to Exit. Crock Pot of disinfection, doesnt need to be babysat, can do other duties whilemachine is running. No wiping, no residue. IMMEDIATE Patient reentry once cycle is completed12 Altapure'