b'LUTHERAN HOSPITAL STUDYImplemented Altapure over 6 monthCDI Reductionperiod on floor with most CDIs annually. 302550% Decrease in CDI over the course20of the study. 15 **105Cost Savings over $400,000 during study0and estimated $958,000 annually. CDI 2016* CDI 2017*** P=0.017*Indicates same 6 month time period in that yearKAISER HEALTH NEWS: 800 HOSPITALS LOSING 1%COST BREAKDOWNMEDICARE FUNDING DUE TO INFECTIONSCMS will cut Funding due to many reasons including SSIs and HAIs.This reduction puts hospitals at risk of losing over $1.9 billion in annual revenue.If hospitals make improvements that lower infection rates the funding isA very conservative average cost to hospital of single HAI is $15,000.returned to previous level for next fiscal year. If Altapure prevents just 3 MRSA cases the AP-4 is more than paid for.Altapure could help make the improvements to lower infections, readmissions and secure funding.Cost Savings over $400,000 during study and estimated $958,000 annually.Table from: https://infectioncontrol.tips/2016/06/15/insurance-pay-for-hais/Altapure 17'