b'MAKING HOSPITALS SAFENo Touch High-Level DisinfectionAdvanced Ultrasonic TechnologyDelivering Submicron Aerosol 100% kill: C. difficileSpores / Viruses / Bacteria EPA approved chemistry of 0.88% H202 and 0.18% PAA Immediate occupancy in under 50 minutes Compact single unit design Integrated HVAC vent control system Safe for all equipment Data feedback Exceeding the EPA performance disinfection definitionThe AP4 Medical HLD System is Altapures firstf ully integrated High-Level Disinfection system s pecifically designed for the demanding healthcare f acility environment.The AP4 is a single mobile unit platform, with a combined aerosol output device and environmental air re-processor system. We found that the Altapure ultrasonic room fogging system was effective in eliminating C. difficile spores, MRSA, and vancomycin resistant Enterococcus on carriers placed in multiple sites throughout hospital rooms The efficacy of the system is supported by the information provided by the hospital system that uses the technology routinely (ie, killing of G. stearothermophilus spores in multiple room locations).Curtis J. Donskey, M.D.,American Journal Of Infection ControlCHALLENGING THE UV HYPEwhite paper available at altapure.comAltapure 21'