b'Infections remain large problemIssue is most acute in healthcare setting HAIs Attributable to 1 in 14 patients in U.S. ICUs acquire an HAI U.S. hospitals spend $40 billion annually to treat Environmental ContaminationHAIsHAIs attributable to contaminated environmental surfacesUp to 40% of HAIs are attributable to environmental contamination Pathogens persist in environment for extended periodsHealthcare worker hands become contaminated by touching surfacesthen infect patientsCurrent cleaning not adequateCurrent practice is to clean surfaces once a day Surfaces are fully recontaminated within hours The Problem Triangle of Urna justo bibendum justo, vitae luctus massa purus non dui. MorbiTransmissiontellus lacus, tincidunt non nisl ut. Healthcare Environment Workersal SurfacesHealthcare-Associated Infection (HAI): an infection acquired in a hospital while beingSurvivability on surfacestreated for another condition Clostridium difficile5 months Staph. aureus (incl. MRSA)5 years Acinetobacter spp.11 months Enterococcus spp. (incl. VRE)5 years AIONX SurfaceNorovirus12 days Candida spp. fungi4 months Pseudomonas aureginosa Covers Klebsiella spp. 16 months 30 monthsPatients AionX 27'