b'Veteran OwndedleSb maasilD le Bc i i s uv r e S ns s eC V ECleanZoneGeneral AttributesSecurely adhere to targeted surfaceContinuously cleanbetween episodic cleaningsBed Rails Disposable: easily replaced every 30-60 daysEco-friendly disposal optionsCompatibilityDo not impact use of covered surfacesCompatible with all episodic cleanersUnaffected by bodily or other fluids It has long been understood that silver and copper have continuous-cleaning potential. No one has yet figured out how to force the release of antimicrobial ions at a high enough rate for meaningful antimicrobial efficacy. We How They Work have figured it out.Inactive stateSilver and copper electrodes are arranged on targeted surface in proprietary configurationNo contamination is contacting surface Power source is not engaged Activated statePathogens contact surfaceconnecting two or more electrodesPower source is activatedAntimicrobial doses of silver and copper ions are released to remove contamination 30 AionX'