b'V n Owneteraedled Sb mas aiD l le u Bc i v r e S n i ss s eC V ECleanSurfacesContinuously Clean in ICU A clinical trial of CleanSurfacesTM in a tertiary care hospital demonstrated a consistent decrease in Esolen LM, Thakur L, Layon A, et. al. (April 2018). The Efficacy of a Self-disinfectingbacteria over a multi-week period.Bedrail Cover in an Intensive Care Unit. Am J Infect Control, 4(46), 417-19.Less Pathogenic89.4% reduction in CFUs ofMore Surfaces with467% increase in surfaces Bacteria nosocomial bacteria per bed No Bacteria with 0 CFUs of bacteria1000(P Value 0.001) 900Nosocomial bacteria 800700 Staphylococcus aureus 600 Staphylococcus epidermidis Streptococcus pneumoniae 500 Enterococcus faecalis 400 Enterococcus faecium300 Moraxella species Pseudomonas species 200100 CONTROL: 6% AIONX: 28%0AIONX CONTROLCutting-Edge ResearchEmanating EfficacyGoalDemonstrate ability to diagnose the need for and demonstrate the efficacy of the CleanSurfaces About CSIWorld-leading metagenomic capabilitiesNovel analytical tools to assess contamination network Study DesignProspective, controlled study41 surfaces examined14/41 surfaces (35%) covered with CleanSurfaces 32 AionX'