b'Veteran Ownedled b SmaasilDB le c ui v r e S n i ss s eC V EAverage While there were no patients with C. diff. during sampling, a patient with an active C. diff Contribution of25.7%Pre-AIONX:infection was discharged (from Room 3 in the Patient RoomsDistribution ofbelow chart) 5 days prior to swabbing. 26 samples tested positive for Clostridium difficile. The chart to Rest of ICU Bed Rails 8.9%Clostridium difficilebelow sets forth the average relative abundance of the pathogen on each surface where it was The percentages indicate theTable, patient isolated.contribution of the bacteria found on7.8% surfaces in patient rooms to theTable, nurse 300bacterial community found elsewhere7.2%Room 1 in the ICU ( = 0.01).Room 2 Supply Scanner 6.2%225 Room 3 Source:Mouse Room 4 Surfaces in Each Patient Room5.4%150 Nurse StationDestination:KeyboardAll Others Rooms and Nurse Station5.0%75IV Pump Control00% 8% Room 1 15% Room 3 Room 4 Bed Rail Nurse OBT Pt OBT Nurse OBT Bed Rails Pt OBT IV Pump Bed Rails Keyboard Room 2 23% 30%Lamendella R, Wright, JR, et al. unpublished data (2018) Lamendella R, Wright, JR, et al. unpublished data (Oct 2018)Contribution of Mouse 14%Nurse Station toPush Plate 14%Rest of ICU Phone 12%Stethoscope 10%Chair Rails 8%Percentages indicate the contributionGlucometer 6%of the bacteria on each surface to theBadge 6%bacterial community in all patientMobile CPU 5%rooms ( = 0.01). Keyboard 5%Monitor 3%Source:Cellphone 2%Surfaces at Nurse StationCountertop 1%0% 15%Destination: Patient Rooms Lamendella R, Wright, JR, et al. unpublished data (2018)34 AionX'