b'Veteran OwndedleSb mas ai lD le Bc s ui v r e S n is s eC V EProtected withSampled CleanSurfacesBed rails Bed railsEach of FourNurse OBT Nurse OBTPatient Rooms Patient OBT Patient OBTIntervention withFlat area of WOW IV pumpCleanSurfaces and SamplingKeyboardMouseSupply scannerCleanSurfaces were placed on 7Central NurseDesk/work area Desk/work areasurfaces.Samples were taken fromStation Push plate (supply) Push plate (supply)23 surfaces, including 5 coveredFlat area of WOW Landline phonewith product and 18 not coveredID badgewith product.MouseKeyboardDesk chair railsCellphoneStethoscopeGlucometerNurse monitorWOW keyboardWOW mouseOnly Change was Intervention Patient profiles on the two sides of the study were very similar. If anything, the ICU was busier and hosted more acute patients during the test phase. Similar Patient Profile Same Cleaning Protocol Control Test No change in units Jun 31Aug 31 Oct 21Dec 21 cleaning protocols Swabbing periodAug 2831 Dec 1821 from Phase 1 to Phase Patients during swabbing13 14 2.Patients during phase213 212Avg length of stay ICCU/total2.03/4.58 2.27/5.00Patients with central line(s)58 78Patients with urinary catheter120 141Patients on ventilator53 4136 AionX'