b'Veteran OwneeddlSb maasiD lB le c ui v r e S n i ss s eC V EBetter Environmental Cleaning Reduces HAIs Decrease in contamination of 94% during terminal cleaning caused 35% decrease in patient colonization and/or infection (Rutala & CDC Prevention Epicenters Program, 2018) Enhanced terminal cleaning caused 47% reduction in C. diff Correlation Betweeninfections(Mayo Clinic, 2019)Environmental ContaminationUse of copper surfaces reduced colonization and/or and HAIsinfections(Salgado, 2013) High-quality investigations support environmental disinfection as an infection control strategy.(Donskey, 2013) Transfer from Previous Room Occupant Recent studies make clear that reducing the level of environmental94% increased risk of acquiring particular pathogen when contamination reduces the incidence ofprevious room occupant infected/colonized(Mitchell, 2015) HAIs. Increased risk exists regardless of species(Mitchell, 2015) Thank YouAionx Antimicrobial Technologies, Inc.515 Rear West Chocolate Avenue Hershey, PA 17033 p: 888-512-4669|e: contact@aionx.com aionx.com 40 AionX'