b'Prontosan Wound Irrigation SolutionProntosan has a combination of two powerful ingredients, Polyhexanide (PHMB) & Betaine, that work together to effectively prepare the wound for healing.The combination of the two ingredients has a lower surface tension than saline which allow for more effective cleansing, detachment and removal of wound debris including biofilm and biofilm forming organisms.Polyhexanide (PHMB) BetainePolyhexanide is the purest form of PHMB making itBetaine is a gentle effective surfactant which is able ideal for Medical & Surgical application.to penetrate, disturb, clean and remove wound Polyhexanide has a rapid MOA and is highlybioburden while containing it within the solution to effective against gram+ & gram - bacteria as well asprevent recontamination of the wound.some fungi, yeasts and viruses. Prontosan Key Characteristics Clinically effective including the Management and Prevention of Biofilm - Fast MOA (1 min)19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Cost EffectiveSafe - Requires NO Rinsing following irrigationNo inhibition of granulation tissueImproves wound healing time17, 24Reduces infections25, 26, 27Prontosan & SSI An Opportunity to Make an Impact on this Devastating and Costly Problem SSI often starts in the OR with contaminated woundsIrrigation of the wound during, and at the completion of, the surgical procedure is essential to reduce bio burdenChoice of irrigation solution mattersProntosan has the optimum characteristics of a surgical wound irrigation solution:efficacy, safety and cost effectivenessA clean wound is less likely to become infected, thus reducing harm to patients and cost to the health systemProntosan 47'