b"Some Degree of Contamination is UnavoidableSSI is Caused by Microbial Contamination of the Surgical Wound. The microorganisms enter by one of the following: 29 From the skin of patientsFrom the surgeon and other operating room personnelFrom the airFrom contaminated surfaces or instruments used during surgeryInstrument Contamination is a Concern !Surgical Instruments tend to be The frequency of positive culturescontaminated during operations on surgical instruments were as high asby microbes that inhabit the skin and organs.28 41.7% depending on the surgical procedure.28Reducing Bacterial Count Through Wound Irrigation is anImportant Strategy During Surgery and Before ClosureThe Solution to Pollution is Dilution with the right Solution. Irrigation is an important and recognized standard of care. But, recent evidence suggests that commonly used standard irrigation solutions are insufficient when dealing with Biofilm forming organisms. Must be able to effectively reduce the number of CFUs in the woundMust inhibit regrowth of bacteriaMust be stable in the presence of blood, proteins, bioburden etcMust be effective in the presence of existing biofilmsMust be safe for wound healing (doesn't delay)Must not be susceptible to bacterial resistance Current available options for consideration: Saline, PVP-I/Saline, Antibiotic Irrigation, AntimicrobialsProntosan 43"