b'Veteran OwndedleSb maasilD le Bc i i s uv r e S ns s eC V EKey Factor #1 An Effective Antimicrobial is Essential to Reduce Bacterial CountKey Factors for an effective AntimicrobialBroad Spectrum Antimicrobial effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteriaBoth Bactericidal and Bacteriostatic characteristicsHigh Log Reduction of CFUs (greater than Log 5 )Rapid Mechanism of ActionHigh Biocompatibility Index (effective & safe to tissue)Stable in the presence of bacteria, lipids, proteins and blood albuminLow allergenic potentialLow likelihood of developing resistanceKey Factor #2 An Effective Surfactant is Essential to Reduce ResidualForeign Body ContaminationSurfactant MoleculeHydrophilic Head remains in solutionSupporting softening, Holds contaminants in theHydrophobic tail is insoluble, loosening and detaching of dirt, solution preventing recontamination.detaches dirt & debris debris & biofilm.The Clinical Value of a SurfactantSurfactant irrigation is superior to antibiotic or saline irrigation at removing adherent bacteria from orthopedic wound materials such as soft tissue, metal and cortical bone. 7High pressure lavage with surfactant irrigation is superior to saline at reducing the number of positive cultures.7Surfactants have been shown to help remove biofilms on orthopedic implants.744 Prontosan'